Reasons for Pressure Loss in Boilers of Central Heating Systems

Most of the times, central heating boilers lose pressure because of leaks developing in its various components. These can be pressure relief valves, auto air vents, expansion vessels, and pressure gauges. You need to find the exact reason for the loss of pressure and carry out the necessary repairs or modifications so that the boiler can start working as before.

why am i loosing boiler pressure

Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems will also have radiators that are required to dissipate the heat, and defects in these radiators can also at times lead to a loss of pressure in boilers. In fact, defects in radiators are one of the most common causes of pressure loss. Heated towel rails also use water from the boiler, and can be the reason for this problem.  suggest  that you need to visually check all radiators, their valves, and any installed towel rails. It there is a leak, there will be signs of water escaping and this will lead you to the culprit responsible for pressure loss. Weeping radiator valves are enough to cause this defect in the working of a central heating system. Connections in the various radiators can work loose, and lead to a drop in pressure in the central heating boiler. Air build-up in radiators can also lead to problems in boilers, and this can be a simple thing to repair, by releasing bleed keys and allowing the air to hiss out. Once the air is gone, water will start to flow out, and you will know that all the air has been removed.

Pressure Release Valves

Pressure relief valves are required to operate when there is an abnormal build-up of pressure in the boiler, and if this valve fails it can lead to a drop in pressure, as the defect in the PRV will prevent the pressure from building up, and steam being released before the required pressure is attained. The refilling of boilers often leads to building up of air in the heating system, and auto air vents are installed to allow this air to escape. When these auto air vents are defective this can also lead to pressure loss in the boiler. Another component of a central heating system that can be responsible for pressure loss in boilers is the expansion vessel. This vessel is a small tank that prevents excessive pressure buildup in boilers. These vessels have diaphragms that can degrade, valves that leak, and other conditions that lead to its effect on the pressure in a boiler. Repressuring the expansion vessel can solve this problem.

Checking for leaks

A central heating system has a lot of pipework and some of the joints in this pipe are soldered and will turn weak after being in use for some time, or if the installation has not been done properly. Check for leaks here and redo all the defective joints. Boilers have pressure gauges and a defective pressure gauge can lead to an incorrect reading of pressures, and wrongly indicate low pressures.

The speed at which a boiler loses pressure can indicate the extent of the problem, and if this happens quickly, you have a major problem that requires immediate attention.

Kate Thornton’s New Website

Get Paid To Shop On Kate Thornton’s New Website

Kate Thornton is a well-known UK TV presenter. Many people will know her best from her role fronting Loose Woman and The X Factor. This year, she has teamed up with some of her celebrity friends to launch a new online venture. Some of the high-profile pals helping Thornton are Myleene Klass, Amanda Byram, Shanznay Lewis, Nicole Appleton, Natalie Appleton, Denise Van Outen, Lisa Faulkner and Julie Graham.

Kate Thornton TBSeen

Kate Thornton’s new website is called and it is an innovative cashback shopping portal that is set to compete with sites like TopCashback and Quidco. Visitors to the site can effectively get paid to shop. By clicking through to various brand websites, shoppers are awarded cash back for placing an order. The amount of cash back awarded ranges from around 5% to 15% of the order total. According to Thornton, the average family could see savings topping £800 each year by shopping through the site.

Kate Thornton’s new website was setup as a business venture with Edd Royal, said to be the brother of one of Thorton’s friends, who was despite to create an upmarket version of current popular cashback websites like Quidco. The website’s goal was to combine a digital lifestyle magazine with cashback shopping from carefully chosen brands. If you visit the site now, you will see that there are already lots of lifestyle articles uploaded under the magazine tab. Articles are sorted into the following categories: style, beauty, home and life. There is also a section of the online magazine dedicated to competitions, giveaways and freebies from selected brands.

Thornton’s Success

To start earning cashback on, you first need to register an account and provide your bank account details. The site needs your bank details in order to pay you any earned cashback. You can also opt to receive payouts via PayPal. Financial products, such as insurance, credit cards, loans and energy supplier tariffs, are set to payout the largest amount of cashback. You can also earn up to 12% cashback on your next holiday booking at Expedia.

Some of the retailers currently featured on TBSeen are Boots, Marks and Spencer, Boden, The White Company and Bobbie Brown. The website has a handy app that visitors can download in order to get notifications when they visit online stores where cashback is available. Visitors can also subscribe to the website’s newsletter to get updates about new deals, videos and updates.

Taking an Access to Psychotherapy Course

Taking an Access to Psychotherapy Course

If you are a mature student who wants to study psychotherapy at university, then going on an access to psychotherapy course could be a good option.

Access to psychotherapy courses are useful for people who left school a long time ago, and who need to revisit their study skills and update their qualifications in order to gain entry to a degree course. The courses cover learning skills, basic psychology, and often the ‘allied health professions’, so you might cover ethics, biology, chemistry, or behavioural issues.

Typically, an access to psychotherapy course would take one year, and would prepare you to study a BSc in Psychotherapy. They can be studied part time, and the tutors will give assistance with UCAS preparations.

Psychotherapy is a rewarding but challenging profession, and there is a lot to think about. You need to have an eye for detail and be a good listener and be able to maintain a professional distance from the people that you are working with. This is one area where many people fall down. If you are not able to manage your attachments or become too invested in the people you are treating, then the job could become very difficult.

There are NHS jobs in Psychotherapy, and there are jobs in commercial environments too, including occupational health, and counselling for people who have high-stress jobs such as 999 responders, paramedics, firemen, or armed forces.

The field is one that is varied and exciting in some ways, and that’s why so many people opt to go into it as mature employees. If you’re looking for something where no two days will feel the same, and where you’re always improving your skills and dealing with different people, then psychotherapy could be the field for you.

It can be high stress – many people have a lot of patients, and are seeing a lot of different people each day to the point that they may worry they’re not giving enough attention to each patient. That is simply a struggle that a lot of healthcare professionals are facing, and one that each individual will have to find ways of dealing with. If there were more qualified psychotherapists, then it is entirely possible that there would be more people able to serve those in need, and that the quality of care overall would increase in the NHS and the private sector.